What is an MVNO | How A Verizon MVNO Can Significantly Lower Your Verizon Bill

The acronym MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. MVNO’s are Telecommunications service providers that lease (piggyback) the cellular networks of the 4 largest U.S. MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators) Verizon, At&t, T-mobile and Sprint. MVNO’s do not own the cellular network they are using, but there are a surprisingly high number of advantages to using an MVNO versus an MNO. For example, a Verizon MVNO would offer nationwide cellphone service that would extend coverage to tens of millions of potential customers, just as Verizon direct would. MVNO carriers rarely do national  what is an mvno with free data planmarketing campaigns, which contributes to the lack of significant household brand name recognition. But the most popular MVNO’s are featured online at FreeMobileDataPlans.

 The Advantages of Using an MVNO

  • Cheaper Smartphone Plans – Companies like Verizon and At&t make the majority of their money from the fees associated with smart phone data plans, with an MVNO, the data features are included in the plan, so you never pay any extra for a smart phone data plan
  • Use the Same Phones – MVNO carriers use the same networks as the main carriers, so that means you can use the same phones. The most popular phones available for Verizon MVNO service and Att MVNO service are the iphone 4 and iphone 4s. You do NOT have to unlock of jailbreak your phone to use your smart phone with an MVNO. You can activate smart phone service with an MVNO using FreeMobileDataPlans.
  • Switching is Easy – Current Verizon and At&t customers can switch to MVNO service, keep there number and significantly lower their wireless bill without any large hassle or lengthy process.
  • Buying First Smartphone – Millions of people still have not adopted smart phone service because of the high sticker shock for the smartphone shared data plans. But choosing an MVNO for cell phone service gives you many options for affordable smart phone plans.

 The Disadvantages of Using an MVNO

  • The primary disadvantage of using MVNO service is with the Verizon MVNO’s. Currently, Verizon only gives its MVNO’s access to its nationwide 3g cellular network, not its 4gLTE network. There are rumors that Page Plus Wireless, the most popular of the Verizon MVNO’s will have 4GLTE access by first quarter 2014. Verizon MVNO customers can view popular smart phones to use with Page Plus online.

The Best MVNO’s in the United States

1)    Verizon MVNOPage Plus Wireless is by far the most popular of all the Verizon MVNO’s. Page Plus Wireless offers smart phone plans that start at only $12 per month which include talk, text and data features. The most popular handset offered by this Verizon MVNO is the Page Plus iphone 4s. Customers can also bring their own Verizon iphone 4 or Verizon iphone 4s and activate their iphone with Page Plus, keep their current Verizon number and significantly lower their Verizon bill. Page Plus Wireless is the best Verizon MVNO. Page Plus’ customer service is not the best, so it is highly recommended to use an online source such as PagePlusiphone.net or Freemobiledataplans.com to activate your iphone with Page Plus or Buy a Page Plus Phone.

2)    ATT MVNO – There are two great options when choosing an att mvno to use. H2o Wireless and Net10 both use the At&t cellular network to deliver nationwide cell phone service. Either Att MVNO will allow you to lower your At&t bill. You can use FreeMobileDataPlans to activate your At&t iphone 4, iphone 4s or iphone 5 or popular At&t android phones with an ATT MVNO.

3)    Sprint MVNO – The most popular Sprint MVNO is PrepaYd wireless. Currently 3g and 4g sprint smart phones are available for use with PrepaYd wireless, but iphones are not currently supported.

4)    T-mobile MVNOSimple Mobile is the best T-mobile MVNO in the U.S. Customers get unlimited talk, text and data for only $40 with Simple Mobile.



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