What is Kik Messaging App – How to Use Free Messaging App Kik (with pictures)

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In the 21st century, everyone loves being able to connect with friends and family instantly. KikMessenger is an easy to use mobile app that allows users to connect with each other for free. This means you can avoid those mobile carrier fees associated with text and media messages.  KikMessenger allows users to exchange a variety of media including photo, video, voice recordings, sketches, internet links and more. KikMessenger has a … Read More

Mark Cuban’s Cyber Dust – How to Use Cyber Dust (with pictures)

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Successful entrepreneur, Mark Cuban recently made headlines with eye-popping comments regarding Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and also comments regarding race relations in general in the United States. Opinions regarding Mark Cuban were mixed, but it is likely that one of the craftiest business leaders of the last 20 years had a deeper meaning to his comments on privacy, race and business in the United States. Cuban has recently … Read More

How to use Snapchat (with pictures) – Why SnapChat is most popular messaging app

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Sharing photos through free mobile messaging applications is becoming increasingly popular, but one of the most fun ways to share is through Snapchap.  Snapchat, the “coolest” of all the media messaging apps is all the rage for tweens, college students and now adults. Snapchat is a unique photo-messaging application that allows users to “snap” photos or videos and send them to their friends. The catch with Snapchat is that each … Read More

What is KakaoTalk – How to Use Kakao Talk (with pictures)

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In a world where owning a mobile device is becoming the social norm and utilizing social apps can be key, the need for landline service providers is slowly being eliminated. KakaoTalk is a messaging and calling app that connects mobile devices and computers around the world – no landlines needed. This app also boasts unlimited person group chats, multimedia sending capabilities, and a ton of other great features and the … Read More

The Best Benefits of WeChat Messaging App (with Pictures) – Over the Top Mobile Apps

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Mobile messaging apps are revolutionizing the way people connect and share with each other around the world. Using an OTT (Over the Top) messaging app provides many benefits for the users. The biggest advantages center around the convenience, the cost and the “cool factor” of communicating with a messaging application. One of the most popular messaging apps in the world is WeChat. WeChat allows consumers to share standard and multi-media … Read More