The Best Benefits of WeChat Messaging App (with Pictures) – Over the Top Mobile Apps

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Mobile messaging apps are revolutionizing the way people connect and share with each other around the world. Using an OTT (Over the Top) messaging app provides many benefits for the users. The biggest advantages center around the convenience, the cost and the “cool factor” of communicating with a messaging application. One of the most popular messaging apps in the world is WeChat. WeChat allows consumers to share standard and multi-media … Read More

How to Use Line Mobile Messaging App (with Pictures) – Over the Top Apps

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It has never been easier or more affordable to stay in touch with friends and family by mobile and computer devices. We are instantly connected to anyone around the world with the touch of a button with Line, the mobile messaging app that allows consumers to send and receive media messages without subscribing to a wireless data plan. Perhaps you’re studying abroad or work away from home or just want … Read More

Edward Snowden Reports Cellphone Maker Huawei Networks Compromsied by N.S.A.

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According to files provided by Edward Snowden, the Chinese cellphone maker Huawei has had its servers hacked at the hands of the N.S.A. The U.S. government, for years, has been warning that the Chinese telecom giant’s network is unsafe and could be used to spy on U.S. customers, but it seems the National Security Agency could possibly be the reason for any vulnerability in Huawei’s network. Major U.S. telecom companies, … Read More

Are you Down with OTT? How Over the Top Technology is Disrupting Everything

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What is OTT and why in the world should you be down with it? OTT or Over the Top technology is a product or service that is delivered directly to an end user over the internet versus going through traditional distribution platforms. OTT service options have created a new business model that gives consumers a more direct way to connect to each other for less money and sometimes totally free. … Read More Closing Signals End of Carrier Phone Subsidies in U.S. Wireless Industry logo

The massive pricing war between the cellphone carriers in the United States has provided extensive collateral damage to dozens of U.S. Retailers. The closing of and pending bankruptcy of Simplexity, its parent company, have signaled a generational change in how new wireless service acquisition occurs in the U.S. March 13th notified its employees that the company would be filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and closing its doors effective … Read More